About Dr. Waneka

Stacy L. Waneka, M.D. Inc., is an independent Family Medicine practice. We provide comprehensive, integrative health care to individuals and families of all ages—from infant care to geriatric care and everything in between. We are a vibrant and loyal practice committed to health through a collaborative approach, guided by evidence-based medicine and the respect of the psychology and dignity of the individual.

Family Medicine uniquely provides us with the opportunity to work with entire families, and we do. Getting to know the medical history and health issues of a family makes us more effective physicians. When emergency situations arise, this knowledge can be an important advantage.

While we are highly trained and are able to handle just about any condition that walks through our door—we also have strong relationships with the Westside’s very best medical specialists, and quickly know when their expertise is needed. Our outstanding communication with local specialists and hospitalists means greater continuity of care for our patients. Frequently, it allows us to more fully understand a health issue and provide a successful treatment plan.

Above all, we value Family Medicine as it allows us to focus on prevention. We strive to keep you well and thriving. Taking the time to get to know you, using the right diagnostics and screenings, understanding family history and having strong continuity with other physicians—this makes our practice unique and better able to keep you well.

That’s our goal!