Fee Plans


As your medical team, we are honored to be your trusted physicians. The practice’s core mission is to treat every patient like family and to be available and responsive to all.

To achieve this goal, our doctors extend office hours to discuss patients’ test results and advocate on patients’ behalf. Our staff diligently coordinates all specialist tests and referrals. The billing staff tries to take the hassle out of insurance problems. Our nurses work tirelessly to take care of patients and battle on their behalf with insurance companies on authorization issues.

Yet, in today’s economy and healthcare landscape, insurance companies have made it harder than ever for patients to receive, and for doctors to be paid for, high quality medical care. The insurers have achieved this by increasing the frequency of denials for medically necessary services and medications, significantly reducing reimbursement for services and procedures, and delaying or suspending payments for weeks. The result is that many physicians today are forced to see a patient every 10 minutes (or less) in order to generate enough revenue to cover their practices.

In order to manage the reduced insurance reimbursements while continuing to provide high quality medical care and accessibility, our practice has found that a Service Fee Plan is necessary for non-covered amenities. These additional fees, without question, allow us to provide you with the personal attention and medical expertise that are the hallmarks of our practice.

You will find a choice of fee plans in our Practice Policy